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Why do we find maps so intriguing?

  • Remember how the books Lord of the Rings and Treasure Island had maps that made you want to read the book?
  • With the help of the interactive Google Maps on MyReadingMapped you can create your own custom learning experience to learn about events that actually happened. 
  • MyReadingMapped helps you to fulfill your development as a human being and helps you to acquire learning skills by providing a learning environment designed to assist with the ability to learn to learn by drawing on your natural fascination for maps.
  • Thus, you can learn what you want to learn, when you want to learn it, and learn by self-experience. 
  • So here is your chance to digitally experience history and science by zooming in on the ancient ruins, forts, battlefields, shipwrecks, plane wrecks, explorer expeditions, hydrothermal vents, or submarine fracture zones in any one of over 150 Google Map formatted documentaries. 
  • Activities like track the battles of Alexander the Great, compare Aztec, Egyptian, Inca, Mayan and Chinese pyramidslocate shipwrecksdiscover what geology is all about, follow the rise, fall and migration of civilization due to climate changelocate commercial airline crash sites, learn about mass whale stranding sites, and view famous paintings where they were painted. 

Locate shipwrecks 
Discover what geology is all about.  
Follow the Rise, Fall and Migration
of CivilizationDue to Climate Change.

Locate Commercial Airline Crash Sites. 
View famous paintings where they were painted
in Google Earth