Interactive Map of Environmental Disasters

The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.
This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, investigates some of the worst environmental disasters that threaten life on this planet. The locations were determined from Wikipedia's List of Environmental Disasters and cover such subjects as oil, cadmium cyanide, radiation, and slurry spills, garbage in our oceans, drinking water contamination, open pit and mountain top removal mining operations, deforestation, Superfund sites, nuclear disasters, and tire mound fires. Thus, you can zoom in on the actual sites where these events happened and read the linked articles from other sources that explain what life-threatening or environmentally-threatening event occurred at each site.

Love Canal.
Love Canal , Niagara Falls, USA

In the mid-1970s Love Canal became the subject of national and international attention after it was revealed in the press that the site had formerly been used to bury 21,000 tons of toxic waste by Hooker Chemical (now Occidental Petroleum Corporation).

The 2008 Kingston Fossil Plant
coal fly ash slurry spill site.

Brazilian deforestation of tropical rain forests.
Collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

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